Tuesday, January 27, 2015

H-Home, the best resto in the neighborhood

John Paul Cheung, son of the famous chef/owner of Good Earth Henry Cheung, opened H-Home along Dona Soledad avenue in Better Living, Paranaque. It's a cozy cafe just a few steps away from the entrance of Sun Valley on Dona Soledad. We've had countless dinners at H-Home in the last few months and we can't get enough of it. They offer a wide array of food which have been my all time favorites from the time Tito Henry would cook for us during our beach trips.

Our favorites include -

Cheese sticks

Pork ribs on noodles (you can also opt for their yummy rice)

Century egg and jellyfish 

These cupcakes ran out fast so it's best to come in earlier.

Pork siomai, best dipped in black vinegar

Sweetie's favorite tofu

They also serve fish, beef, vegetable etc. and of course they have my favorite buchi too. You can also catch Tito Henry in the evenings since he usually says hello to diners. You can also just drop by to have coffee and dessert (their cupcakes are absolutely yummy!). 

H Home is located at Dona Soledad Avenue, Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City.  They are open from 11:30am until midnight every day. You can also reach them at +632-9405593 and for updates follow them here.