Monday, November 28, 2016

Paying Real Property Tax for the First Time

Being first time home owners we did not understand well the process of paying property tax. The property management office of our condominium just kept saying, "Go to the city hall". A friend of ours warned us that the city hall has the power to sell properties that have unpaid tax. So we immediately made plans to go to the Paranaque City Hall to avoid penalties.

Here's the process we followed:
1. Get your tax declaration number from the mapping unit at the City Assessor's Office.

2. At the Assessor's counter provide your tax declaration number. They will provide you an assessment printout.

3. Head to the City Treasury Office. They will compute the payment you have to make.

4. In the same office head to the payments counter and pay your tax. They only accept cash payments. Check payments will take ten days to clear.

Discounts available for property owners who pay early. More info about it here