Sunday, September 25, 2022

NOAH Shares Which Areas Of Paranaque City Experience Floods

It is well known that Metro Manila experiences floods during typhoon season due to heavy rains. 

If you are a local of Paranaque City, you probably already know which streets and barangays are prone to flooding. If not, the extent of flooding in your area can be looked up online if you're unfamiliar with it.

An online web tool, made possible by the National Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH), reveals areas vulnerable to floods, landslides, and storm surges. You can enter an address or see a map of your current location to see an instant visual representation of the affected areas. The map's magnification range extends from street level to barangay and city. The map is not a real-time tool for tracking floods; rather, it relies on historical information. Because of this, drivers may learn whether places are at risk of flooding without having to go through one.

To use the tool, go to, and enter your location or a different one. It will return results of possible places based on the street level of the address you enter.

Project NOAH is still in beta release. There are ongoing developments to stabilize the platform and complete the hazard maps.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Buying Pots and Plants in Paranaque

I had held off buying gardening supplies online since there is a lot of gardening shops in Paranaque. In fact, we made a list of gardening supply shops in Paranaque last year. We looked forward to buying items in person. We were finally able to visit some shops, but realized that they didn't have all the items available all the time. Tried buying pots via Lazada and Shopee, but found it too expensive. 

I've been apprehensive at clicking ads from FB and IG. Got scammed trying to buy a bookshelf*. Some friends though said to try the FB marketplace. I was also wary because I tried to look for furniture makers via the marketplace. I did not proceed with the purchase since they were more expensive than Ikea. I really needed to buy some pots, so I looked around FB marketplace. Sent a few inquiries to some sellers that I had mutual friends with. I figured if things went awry I could ask help from my friends hehe. 

Now I have a suki gardening supply shop. It's Josuajoy Cora's-Garden Landscaping Services. They are located in Barangay Moonwalk. What I like about them is they communicate fast and send photos of what's available. Last month I bought some pots and soil. They were all delivered in the same day and in good condition. 

Today I ordered some plants, pots and loam soil for my Mom. I'm really happy I found this supplier. They're just in the next barangay to us. Hope we'll be able to visit them also in person soon.

*Good thing the credit card company reversed the charge when I reported to them.

Josuajoy Cora's Garden Landscaping Services (map/Facebook)

Moonwalk Access Road, Paranaque

1709 Metro Manila

Monday, June 6, 2022

Polland in Paranaque City

Polland stores have been popping up across the metropolis.  In Paranaque City, you can get freshly made lumpiang sariwa and hopia at their store in Dona Soledad.

We dropped by the store last weekend and was amazed with the many variants of hopia, tikoy and mooncake. You can also have a snack with their many Chinese deli options. We've already had some fresh lumpia via delivery and it was very filling. We plan to try the siopao and asado roll next time. 

Hopia is one of our favorite snacks, so having a Polland store just around the corner has made us happy!

Polland (map)

29 Dona Soledad Ave., Brgy. Don Bosco, Paranaque City

Monday, May 30, 2022

SM City Sucat Parking Advisory

SM City Sucat has advised new rules on settling parki fees. Please see the advise below.

The new procedure will start on June 1,2022.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Get Your Poso Negro Cleaned for Free!

Hello mga Kapitbahay! Good news! Maynilad has been offering free septic tank desludging services in BF Homes and Sun Valley right now. You can check the schedule here or call Maynilad at 1626.

The crew knocked on our gate early this morning and offered the free service. We immediately said yes since we had a traumatic experience from our first rented home. They had a hard time removing the septic tank cover so they just bore a hole. The desludging procedure took only about 5 minutes. We had some cement available so the crew covered up the hole as well. They recommended to change the lid so it will be easier to clean in the future. 

Make sure to have your septic tank cleaned every 5 years. We're really glad that Maynilad still provides this service for free. Thank you Maynilad! 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cafe in Paranaque: But First, Coffee

We just discovered that "But First, Coffee" is founded by a Paranaqueno! We found out from a feature on the OG YouTube channel that Anna Magalona started her business at home with just PhP6,000. We immediately checked if it was available via Grab and found a branch just near our home. 

Woke up early this morning so we could try out their coffee. We got the following -

Spanish Latte and Vietnamese Style (hot)

Vietnamese Style (iced)

These two are the bestsellers of the cafe. You can also purchase coffee in 1 liter bottles. It should be fairly easy to find a branch since they now have 29 branches. Most are in Luzon and one in Iloilo City. The branch in Paranaque City is located in Saudi Arabia St., Better Living Subdvision in Barangay Don Bosco.

But First, Coffee (map)

87-D Saudi Arabia St.

Better Living Subd.,

Brgy. Don Bosco,

Paranaque City 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Cafe in Paranaque: Presko Coffee

We discovered Presko Coffee through Grab. Found it because we were looking for coffee and breakfast. We tried it and have since been ordering whenever we crave for good breakfast. After voting today we planned to get breakfast via drive-thru. The lines were long so we thought we'd check out Presko Coffee and get take-away. 

We got lucky and Sweetie was able to park. The interiors of the cafe was so pretty we decided to dine in. We were also curious to see the menu and how they would serve the food. I ordered my usual waffles and bacon (I gave my scrambled egg to Sweetie) - 

Sweetie got a BLT (he loves sandwiches) -

And the son got waffles and hungarian sausage -

We also got coffee. I had a hot Spanish latte, Sweetie ordered Irish coffee and the son got iced Spanish latte. We love their coffee! 

We've been taking precautions that's why we haven't been dining out. We loved the cafe though so we'll likely go back to dine-in again. A great find in our `hood! 

Presko Coffee (map)