Thursday, February 9, 2023

Cubao Fire View from Paranaque

We were enjoying the good air quality yesterday when it suddenly went bad. Went outside to check the vicinity and was surprised to see a huge cloud of smoke billowing from the North. We saw the smoke at around 5:20 pm. 


Immediately checked Twitter and saw that the smoke was from an ongoing fire in Cubao. It was later on reported to be the old Araneta Center Bus Terminal. Video footage from netizens and the news showed the fire engulfed the whole block where the bus terminal was located. The fire was escalated to Task Force Bravo almost two hours after it first started. 


GMA News reported that the fire started past 4 in the afternoon. BFP and fire volunteers from different cities arrived to respond. The incident was declared fire out at 10:09 p.m., much faster than the recent incident in Paranaque City which took more than 12 hours to address (maybe their water supply was more reliable). 

Hope and pray for everyone's safety. Ingat lagi mga kapitbahay!

Suspicious Bag Found in Dona Soledad, Paranaque

A suspicious bag was found in the vicinity of a gas station late evening last February 9, 2023. Video of response made by the Bomb Squad and Sun Valley and Moonwalk fire department/brigade was posted by the Moonwalk Fire Rescue Brigade (video here).

Screenshot of incident from Moonwalk Fire Rescue Brigade video.

For safety, both lanes on Dona Soledad was closed to traffic while the bag was being assessed. After almost an hour, the team said the item was safe. No other info was provided regarding the contents or owner of the bag. 

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Huge Fire in Sucat, Paranaque

We were about to head to the bedroom last night when we heard a lot of sirens. Immediately checked Twitter and saw a news channel say it was in our area. Alarmed we looked for the warehouse, but results did not show any DPWH offices in our area. After monitoring a bit more we eventually found out the fire was in Sucat, Paranaque. It was later on clarified it was a warehouse for lumber and not the DPWH office. 

As of writing, BFP has not declared fire out. Bam Alegre of GMA News mentioned in his report that BFP had a hard time getting water in the area. Maynilad has been turning off water in parts of Paranaque in the past two weeks. We stayed up until about 3 in the morning monitoring the situation. The fire happened just behind a gas station and that was really concerning. We knew though from the fire that happened in December 2022 that it will take awhile before it's fully out. 

Here's the news by TeleRadyo about the fire -

Here's the area of the

The huge fire in Sucat was the second one in Paranaque in less than a week. There was a fire in Saudi Street in Barangay Don Bosco last week according to It was a storage facility, luckily the fire was put out within an hour. 

Hope and praying for the safety of everyone. Take care always mga kapitbahay!

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Paranaque Basura Collection Status

As advised by the Paranaque City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), they would be prioritizing collecting trash from main roads. Saw the team collecting trash this morning. 

Hope everything will normalize soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Update on Paranaque Basura Collection

You would have noticed by now that trash hasn't been collected since last week. We've brought out our trash a couple of times in the past few days hoping it would be collected. The Paranaque City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) has posted this announcement on their FB page -

Like other residents we hope that the trash will be collected soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

NOAH Shares Which Areas Of Paranaque City Experience Floods

It is well known that Metro Manila experiences floods during typhoon season due to heavy rains. 

If you are a local of Paranaque City, you probably already know which streets and barangays are prone to flooding. If not, the extent of flooding in your area can be looked up online if you're unfamiliar with it.

An online web tool, made possible by the National Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH), reveals areas vulnerable to floods, landslides, and storm surges. You can enter an address or see a map of your current location to see an instant visual representation of the affected areas. The map's magnification range extends from street level to barangay and city. The map is not a real-time tool for tracking floods; rather, it relies on historical information. Because of this, drivers may learn whether places are at risk of flooding without having to go through one.

To use the tool, go to, and enter your location or a different one. It will return results of possible places based on the street level of the address you enter.

Project NOAH is still in beta release. There are ongoing developments to stabilize the platform and complete the hazard maps.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Buying Pots and Plants in Paranaque

I had held off buying gardening supplies online since there is a lot of gardening shops in Paranaque. In fact, we made a list of gardening supply shops in Paranaque last year. We looked forward to buying items in person. We were finally able to visit some shops, but realized that they didn't have all the items available all the time. Tried buying pots via Lazada and Shopee, but found it too expensive. 

I've been apprehensive at clicking ads from FB and IG. Got scammed trying to buy a bookshelf*. Some friends though said to try the FB marketplace. I was also wary because I tried to look for furniture makers via the marketplace. I did not proceed with the purchase since they were more expensive than Ikea. I really needed to buy some pots, so I looked around FB marketplace. Sent a few inquiries to some sellers that I had mutual friends with. I figured if things went awry I could ask help from my friends hehe. 

Now I have a suki gardening supply shop. It's Josuajoy Cora's-Garden Landscaping Services. They are located in Barangay Moonwalk. What I like about them is they communicate fast and send photos of what's available. Last month I bought some pots and soil. They were all delivered in the same day and in good condition. 

Today I ordered some plants, pots and loam soil for my Mom. I'm really happy I found this supplier. They're just in the next barangay to us. Hope we'll be able to visit them also in person soon.

*Good thing the credit card company reversed the charge when I reported to them.

Josuajoy Cora's Garden Landscaping Services (map/Facebook)

Moonwalk Access Road, Paranaque

1709 Metro Manila