Thursday, June 9, 2022

Buying Pots and Plants in Paranaque

I had held off buying gardening supplies online since there is a lot of gardening shops in Paranaque. In fact, we made a list of gardening supply shops in Paranaque last year. We looked forward to buying items in person. We were finally able to visit some shops, but realized that they didn't have all the items available all the time. Tried buying pots via Lazada and Shopee, but found it too expensive. 

I've been apprehensive at clicking ads from FB and IG. Got scammed trying to buy a bookshelf*. Some friends though said to try the FB marketplace. I was also wary because I tried to look for furniture makers via the marketplace. I did not proceed with the purchase since they were more expensive than Ikea. I really needed to buy some pots, so I looked around FB marketplace. Sent a few inquiries to some sellers that I had mutual friends with. I figured if things went awry I could ask help from my friends hehe. 

Now I have a suki gardening supply shop. It's Josuajoy Cora's-Garden Landscaping Services. They are located in Barangay Moonwalk. What I like about them is they communicate fast and send photos of what's available. Last month I bought some pots and soil. They were all delivered in the same day and in good condition. 

Today I ordered some plants, pots and loam soil for my Mom. I'm really happy I found this supplier. They're just in the next barangay to us. Hope we'll be able to visit them also in person soon.

*Good thing the credit card company reversed the charge when I reported to them.

Josuajoy Cora's Garden Landscaping Services (map/Facebook)

Moonwalk Access Road, Paranaque

1709 Metro Manila

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  1. Excited to see what you'll be planting! :D I am still hoping against hope that this Nth round of trying to successfully grow garlic will turn out well. I put them beside my aunt's lotus plants so when the sun is high, they get shaded by the leaves and don't wilt.