Saturday, February 1, 2014

Starbucks Dona Soledad is Now Open!

After a long wait residents of Better Living got a big surprise when Starbucks opened its doors last January 30, 2014, Thursday. The popular chain originally announced that they were going to start brewing in Dona Soledad in March 2014.

Starbucks Dona Soledad started brewing coffee last Thursday and opened its doors at 7 in the morning. The shop has 2 floors with an outdoor area on both floors. It's parking space can accommodate about 8 cars. You can now enjoy your favorite regular drinks. A quick look at their food selections showed that they have their regular sandwiches and you can also get healthy snacks (veggies + dip). We also spotted a generous number of sockets so you can hang-out to work/study. We didn't see any wifi routers though so best to bring a pocket wifi.

The popular Starbucks Card system isn't available yet though.

Welcome to the neighborhood Starbucks!